Final reflections on course:
  • need to focus on required attendance more - more in-class assignments and quizzes that are marked that people would have to make up on their own time!!
  • want to focus more on critical thinking, arguments, etc. in future - using texts of non-fiction essays like the Art of Writing and analysing essay structure and form and style and trying to imitate and expand our use; examining arguments and seeing types of logic and also types of persuasive techniques; using current events/current articles more and analysing these things; using video/internet more, from political speeches to author interviews to the Onion - how to make students value these if not always marked??? in class little tasks that add up? but inside me I emphasize intrinsic value
  • more student-centred smart learning type stuff; more writing on own chosen topics; more essays
  • do 12 Angry Men earlier in term (fun) and do Hamlet!! later in term - can introduce drama again and use to review theme, character, etc.
  • do poetry earlier in term.
  • have major project each month - not all at end
  • do a little more testing - maybe a poetry test (1-2 small) before projects
  • bit more media literacy stuff - advertising, etc.

Thursday, May 26
  • rough draft Compare and Contrast essay handed in
  • Novel talk and time to work on projects
  • Novel Projects: I NEED TO GET THIS READY and outline final project expectations

Tuesday, May 24
  • read and brainstormed and outlined our own: Compare and Contrast Essays (read Chicken Hips)

  • postcard stories?
  • presentations!!! - poetry related?????
  • NON-FICTION:read and write

TUES. MAY 24 - final poetry worktime/ read or watch?? (then plot on outline?) a great essay. Look over what works. Write an essay outline??
THURS. MAY 26 - novel responses, discussion, journal check - go over final project! (essay plus creative choices?) and essay...

TUES. MAY 31- Poetry projects DUE. Essay writing work this week.
THURS. JUNE 2 - movie screening night for novels that have movies.... work block for those that don't.??

TUES. JUNE 7 - Novel Projects DUE. Read and study a play this week.
THURS. JUNE 9 - write an essay in response to play. Postcard for next Tuesday.

TUES. JUNE 14 - Final essay in. Return all work to students. Final marks given Thursday. ESSAY/POETRY/POSTCARD STORY CAFE?
THURS. JUNE 16 - Pick up marks and end of class. Provincial Exam Review for those writing it.

  • go to library Wednesday and bring a poetry library on Thursday!!
  • rewrite Poetry Project?? Find original copy (not pink)
  • mark last few essays
  • bring student samples of poetry projects - make OverHeads of a few good pages
  • find and print last pages of Mice and Men terms glossary - make copies for group (Do next TUESDAY?!)
  • find/meet Kelly in LC before class Thursday

Thursday, May 12
  • correct grammar paragraph
  • introduce concrete/acrostic poetry - read some (booklet and text), write some
  • QUICK note of Mice and Men poem
  • Gallery walk of student poetry posters
  • Start poetry projects - SHOW THEM FORMER STUDENT SAMPLES (bring these!!) ** make OHs of some
  • Students work on projects - our room and computer lab
  • Novel group meeting

find out last darn day of school so I can tell students and properly plan last weeks

Plan ahead next week:
  • Thursday report: did open/closed, lyric, narrative, didactic, did not get to below
  • Tuesday: do quick review of types, groups with list determine types and main features of interest, report in
  • then they write acrostic/concrete, ... share
  • I do example explication of Of Mice and Men poem - we listen on computer and discuss
  • then they speed-explicate 2 poems in groups on chart paper- use 8 questions from project, plus sketch an image - post for others and do gallery tour in hall
  • next Thursday they can start reading poetry library and working on their own poems
  • could have time to work on their song?
  • NEED: Of Mice and Men poem copied
  • Thursday: rhyme and types of poems - sonnets, haiku, limericks....
  • group look at a poem on chart paper
  • novel chat and assignment time in computer lab
  • Thursday: novel discussion - entry ticket = 2 discussion questions/topics
election response???
  • Tues/Thurs. use text and poetry booklet to look at rhyme, form, metre, type (lyric/narrative)
  • discuss song lyrics and present to each other.... brainstorm other aspects?
  • Get first essays handed in! rough ok
  • quickly revisit Fire and Ice and how metaphor works... POW? as intro?
  • Give time to work on song poems or new poems - write new poems....
  • go back to poems in booklets and do on chart paper....
  • break from poems thurs and read/write nonfiction? then finish my poetry lessons next week with types of poems (limerick, sonnet, haiku, etc.)
  • have students write some poems
  • poetry test!!
  • postcard stories?
  • presentations!!! - poetry related?????

Thursday, April 28th
  • signed out The Poet's Craft
  • Did exercises on Imagery, Denotation/Connotation, and reviewed Metaphor, Simile, Personification, and introduced Apostrophe
  • using text in above, we read up on each concept, then looked at poems, esp Fire and Ice (Frost) and My Morphine (Gillian Welch)
  • HOMEWORK: to analyse song lyrics for meaning and fig. language and imagery
  • 2nd, started novel study! Students chose books and got novel study project booklet. I need to read and review this over the weekend. Not sure it gets at subtleties that Reading Response Journal Questions get at... not sure it gets at setting or gives readers enough freedom... may need to rewrite it!! and re-hand it out!! with my improvements....!!!!! DO THIS!! (if necessary)
  • Gave students goal to have novels finished by the Tuesday after May long weekend (May 24)

Tuesday, April 26
  • self edited 5 paragraph essays and peer-edited too
  • looked at poetry booklet in groups - need to return to this task!.

  • start novels!!
  • watch election ads? regular ads
  • poetry: read and watch, old and new (elegy, apostrophe, narrative, lyric, love, scary story, etc.)
  • mini-presentations ASAP
postcard stories
fun topics/passions

mid April
  • 5 paragraph essay

early April:

  • Story Map - can use the one you did for short story test (and add stuff if you like, be sure to consult guide to see all the aspects you can include on a story map) OR do it on one of the new stories you've read (the Edgar Allen Poe story we read in class or the one you read over last weekend)
  • Written Response to New Short Story: create a question that interests you (theme, symbol, compare story to a movie, etc.) and do a 1-3 paragraph written response. should be thoughtful and well-written, does not need to be super long

  • last 2 short stories - discussion groups and response of your choice (review/relearn story elements)
  • start novel study - in groups with clear outcomes/expectations
  • start focus on WRITING (and reading nonfiction, too)
  • start grammar unit to support writing
  • NOTE: for writing, fun to start with reading/trying to write SATIRE - fun Lorraine poster on back for this...
  • Late April... finish novels, start poetry
  • by mid May be doing drama - see a play??? bring in Roderick??
  • writing continues until end of course
  • plus: internet research, presentations, media literacy (a bit)

  • Idea: use online dictionary to look at some word roots

Address plan until March Break (short story tasks, choose own after Yellow Wallpaper? for over March Break?) or writing task?).... pick 2 of 10 short stories to read and take notes on, to discuss later and write about after break! YES! come back, discuss in groups, pick a task to do to respond (hand in map for each story, then a written piece? oral report/mark? interactive noting...??) Note: will have to set this up and have it ready to go on Tuesday!!! author bios and make story choices (get stories and CLEAR assignment expectation on Thursday after test)
    • do Peer Edit of character sketch (see small handouts), try to finish in class... (final due date next Tuesday!)
  • Need fun activity before character sketch??? poem? film? short play? (LITTLE chunk to break up the night) New grammar? Poem? film to review all parts of short story - USE SHORT STORY MAPS... short film? Boy Named Sue? be sure to introduce symbol and irony tonight - we can discuss these further with House next week (can use ss terms quiz as review? give chart to review all stories)
  • SHORT STORY TEST NEXT THURSDAY - DO NOT MISS! - Outline exactly what will be on test. Pick new story to include in test?

Tuesday, March 31
  • read cask of amontillado
  • time to re-do tests and work on satire
  • chose 1 of 3 short stories to read: Masque, yellow wallpaper, woody allen - next task to talk in groups then story maps and essay of their own choice
  • up next: novels and poetry, with some non-fiction reading on the side
  • DO: find Heather's test!! Students coming in early both days next week to write test
  • Stephanie Bamfield not registered?? Also, call students not attending
  • Get motion in momentum going

Tuesday, March 8
  • Have author bios ready for them to choose March Break short stories
  • copy chosen stories for Thursday
  • Collect Character Sketches
  • Focus THEME: how to find theme - review this, plus irony and style
  • HOUSE: story map the story and discuss theme and all elements... do theme paragraphs
  • Grammar "intro to sentence structure? if not now, right after break!! have big booklets (MEES?) ready!
Thursday, March 3
A great class, very productive.
  • Used "Boy Named Sue" to review all short story terms using Short Story Diagram 'map'; also discussed Style and Irony
  • Looked at sample student responses to Just Lather and discuss strengths/areas of improvement and 'what I am looking for' in an academic response to literature
  • Did peer edits of character sketches
  • Handouts: 1. Boy Named Sue lyrics, 2. Story Map guidelines, 3. Story map (blank to use), 4. peer edit sheets, 5. story "House"
  • Homework:
    • Prepare for Short Story Test next Thursday by reviewing all terms and previously read short stories
    • Do good copy of character sketch (due Tuesday)
    • Read short story, "House".
Tuesday, March 1
    • Grammar Quiz
    • Kathryn to visit to talk about provincial exam - who has to write it
    • review POV with little grasshopper samples
    • Work on character sketch - 
Thursday, Feb. 24
    • open book grammar quiz today (use one from Vic High); 2ND QUIZ next TUES.
    • "God Is Not a Fish Inspector"; discuss point of view and character/characterization and what is a character sketch (use new short story terms handout)
    • Homework: To prepare to write a character sketch - **pick story, pick main character, choose/identify traits, and list your support using details and quotes from story (keep page #s for reference)
    • Handouts: Copy of short story terms from anthology and 'how to insert quotes' handout

      • keep grammar more brief; chunk time more; start collecting things for marks! - USE rubrics!! collect Theme paragraph for next story - use Just Lather paragraph rubric; mark character sketch - use rubric! (give them one ahead of time!)
      • sketch out next 2 weeks - short story test before March Break???? last Thursday before?

Tuesday, Feb. 22
    • Grammar vitamin - do grammar review and mark it
    • Collect Theme paragraphs - returned SOME marked work!
    • "God Is Not A Fish Inspector" - discuss questions and introduce character terms and apply

Thursday, Feb. 17
    • Get students log in info for school computers
    • Grammar vitamin - prepositions and prepositional phrases
    • "Destructors": plot line together on board; suspense, etc. elements; write out Setting; Students write Theme paragraphs
    • Paragraph structure - brainstorm topic narrowed and points - write paragraph (may finish over the weekend)
    • Homework: read story - "God is Not a Fish Inspector"

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
    • Post learning goals as well as agenda tasks
    • Return all student work - with comments - keep nice balance of group chat/individual work
    • Grammar vitamin - do adverbs in class and mark
    • Discuss "The Destructors" in terms of plot, setting, theme (and discuss character motivation, but L.G. details of Setting and Theme)
    • Students write theme statements for "The Destructors" with evidence from story to support

Thursday, February 10, 2011
    • Post learning goals as well as tasks for agenda
    • Freewrite to start
    • Grammar Vitamin - mark pronouns, do adjectives
    • Plot terms review: students do plot line for "Just Lather" and hand in
    • Nonfiction reading and WRITING task: satire? paragraphs? (description)
    • Homework: read a story and respond

Tuesday, February 8, 2011
    • Handed in: 2nd paragraph for "Just Lather" - responses to choices of each, barber and Torres
    • Grammar Vitamin - marked nouns, did pronouns (mark next class)
    • What is a story? Role of stories in our lives?: Brainstorm and discussion
    • Plot Terms - introduced; watched "Neighbours" short animated film, did plot lines in groups
    • "Just Lather" - vocabulary and continue discussion (4 sentences due next class - put on board)