• Brings #s (make) and HATS or Scarves (props) and read play

  • (watch movie next Tuesday and do in-class assignment for marks)
  • Thursday - bring a handout on essay transitional sentences!! (FIND!!)
  • schedule poetry cafe goodbye and EXAM Prep session
  • note: compare and contrast - need to know difference....
  • Read My Last Duchess and Crystos and poem of Lorina McKinnet ?
  • 2 hours poetry portfolio work time
  • schedule novel-based performances
  • essay writing
  • postcard stories?
  • drama/play?

Tuesday, Jan 4, 2011
  • Essay writing
  • Types of poetry and how to explicate a poem
  • Reading poetry and poetry portfolio (time to work on this in class on Thursday)
  • Overview of rest of term
  • Schedule novel-based performances

After Break
  • Essay writing (reading non-fiction)
  • Poetry Portfolio Due early January
  • Drama/play
  • Exam review (last class)

  • movie comparison night for novels with movies made of them
  • Poetry Cafe
  • Begin Poetry Portfolio project (due after winter break)
  • Time in class to work on Novel Project Tasks
  • DUE before winter break: Reading Response Journals, most novel tasks, outline/rough draft opinion on some topi

Teacher To Do:
  • mark all - put into integrade - give out report after holiday (marks and missing tasks)
  • poetry assignment to students on Tuesday, Dec. 14
  • Make grammar test

THursday, Dec. 16
  • give out poetry portfolio project and poetry texts and websites
  • POST poetry portfolio project on wiki

Thursday, December 9
  • Meet Brittney before class: 5:15
  • Grammar Quiz - Coordination and Subordination and improving sentences in a paragraph (MOVE TO TUES)
  • How To Write An Essay - Introduction and outline together DUE TUES. Just outline
  • Writing - training papers - what makes good writing, look at good rubric TUESDAY
  • Poem: give Concrete/Acrostic samples, try them out. Feature poem: TUESDAY
  • Novel Tasks Time

Tuesday, December 7
  • GET MOVIE OF MICE AND MEN/Book room to use
  • Bring poetry materials from home

  • Grammar Quiz - go over Quiz guidelines (5 minutes)
  • Return Descriptive Paragraphs
  • Return Satire writing assignment
  • POETRY: concrete poems; sonnet? limericks? give one poem for students to explicate (sonnet and Frost?)(try) and others - do a variety in rapid succession - to just enjoy (1 hour ) Handouts: concrete and accrostic, Types of Poems
  • Time to work on Novel Study - teacher check in with Curious Incident group; Of Mice and Men group watch movie

Thursday, December 2
  • Hand back Grammar, QUIZ on Tuesday Dec. 7
  • Poetry: Acrostic and Concrete Poems,
  • Homework check: Reading Response Journals - check in and discuss
  • Novel Study: 1. Students do response journal entry on one of Tuesday's questions, 2. group discussion on all four questions, 3. check in on groups generating Questions and also progress on novel and their enjoyment/understanding, 4. discuss novel tasks, expectations and give some time to plan and start on these

Tuesday, November 30
  • Grammar paragraphs handed back, quiz on Thursday
  • Collect Descriptive Paragraphs - mark only for vivid language, 5 senses, overall impression, sense of place (6 marks) and grammar, spelling, sentence structure (2 marks)
  • Poem: R. Burns "To A Mouse" poem - link to Of Mice and Men
  • Poetry: Imagery - Red Wheel Barrow, I Want to Go Back, Lauren Hill Song; then introduce and write "I am from..." poems
  • Novel Study: Reading Response Journal tasks: groups to plan way to generate Discussion Questions, either member-generated or use Book Club Guide or a combination
  • Four novel Discussion/Response Questions generated by me are:
    1. Do you think your novel is driven more by setting/situation, plot, or character? Explain.
    2. What do you imagine the author's purpose(s) to be in writing this book? Explain why you get this impression.
    3. What major topics are addressed in your novel? Are possible themes emerging?
    4. Can you think of other works of art (books, films, poems, tv shows, songs, etc.) that address similar topics and themes to your novel? How are they similar? different?

Thursday, November 25
  • Freewrite #8
  • Descriptive paragraph - mark only for vivid language, 5 senses, overall impression, sense of place (6 marks) and grammar, spelling, sentence structure (2 marks) - due tuesday
  • Listened to (Johnny Cash) and read poem "The Cremation of Sam Mcgee"; then together discussed meaning; then sought and found figurative language examples - discussed these
  • Brief check in of Novel Groups
  • paraphrasing and using quotations - handed out as reference for future use

Tuesday, November 23
  • Grammar - look at last 2 paragraphs in groups, I look at work of anyone with question during Novel Study
  • Poetry Study - Cremation of Sam McGee - enjoy this narrative poem and find/review figurative language
  • Poetry Study - Mother to Son and A Dream Deferred by Langston Hughes (listen)
  • Writing Task - need to collect more writing done in class
  • Novel Study - homework check Reading Response Journal, I have them do brief entry on Questions related to topics/Setting
  • Novel Study Groups - time to discuss, time to research related topics and/or author and/or work on tasks
  • Final Task to keep them all here for duration of class...hmm

Thursday, November 18th
  • Grammar Vitamin - last bit of booklet, first paragraph
  • Introduction to Figurative Language: metaphors, similes, personification, hyperbole
  • Poem Study - extended metaphor - Alysha Keyes - P.O.W.
  • TO DO: Get speakers hooked up and/or work in computer lab
  • HOMEWORK: 1. last 2 paragraphs of grammar booklet (will look at in groups Tues.); 2. read Mother To Son, and 3. read novels and do Reading Response Journal

Tuesday, Nov. 16th
  • Introduction to Poetry - what is poetry? and Intro To Poetry poem (Billy Collins)
  • Return Short Story tests
  • Novel Study, Students: groups make agreement, repercussions if not complete agreed tasks, students research authors
  • Novel Study, Teacher-led: student get outline of what I expect from them and get booklet of possible book Reading Response Journal topcs and rubric, and get copy of Final Assessment Tasks with point values attached and perhaps guiding questions for their novel

Thursday, Nov. 11th

Tuesday, November 9 (plan in progress)
  • Grammar vitamin
  • Peer Edit - students create criteria for peer edit and peer edit each other's satirical paragraphs - DUE NEXT TUESDAY, marked only for organizaton (intro, topic sentence, details and support, conclusion. maybe a comment on vivid language. use 6 point scale)
  • Novel Study begins (plan through to next week due to stat holiday) - introduce books and students choose novels
  • Novel groups set reading goals and schedule
  • First Reading Response journal entry
  • Collect rest of short story texts
  • Good copy due Tuesday of satirical writing on "thing that bug me"
  • Read novel to page set by reading group; do reading response journal entry for what you've read

Thursday, November 4 (plan in progress)
  • Grammar vitamin (Coordination and Subordination, exercises... pages....)
  • Novel groups choose books? so they can get book over weekend to begin Tuesday?
  • Freewrite: "Things that bug me"
  • Read Dave Barry's "Road Hog with Too Much Oink" article
  • Do Paragraph Writing Task - expository - due Tuesday - relates to article we read and our own freewrite
  • ( collect rest of short story texts)

Tuesday, November 2
  • Short Story Test

Thursday, October 29 (plan in progress)
  • Pop quiz on plot and character terms?
  • Hand out/begin new grammar booklet: Coordination and Subordination
  • Freewrite on YW and related topics
  • Discuss novel "do you think she is sane or insane?" author'
  • View primary documents related to Yellow Wallpaper story - especially author's reason for writing it
  • Second half of class: short story review - use Yellow Wallpaper to do story map and discuss?
  • Student paragraph response to story - prepare 6 guiding questions to choose from, outline in groups, present
  • Student task: to prepare a paragraph response to hand in on Q NOT done in their group
  • Outline structure/expectations for Short Story Test on Tuesday, Nov. 2nd

  • New grammar booklet: Coordination and Subordination

Tuesday, October 27
  • Reviewed last few grammar questions (sentence structure) in booklet
  • Open book grammar quiz (23 marks) on run-on sentences and sentence fragments
  • Point Of View exercise - how to identify and review
  • Discussion of Yellow Wallpaper story - Aspects discussed include: reliability of narrator; impact/effectiveness of first-person narrator; knowledge and attitudes about mental illness, then and now; social context of story (and attitudes toward / ideas about mental illness, women, and doctors at the time); complexity of story; difficulty in assessing her sanity and whether John is good/bad man