Wednesday, January 5, 2011
  • Remind students about DUE: paragraph, essay outline, quiz (Monday?) - need to review 1920s Questions?
  • Start at Social Safety Net and do Effects of Great Depression
  • Get into Rise of Fascism and WWII - rapid and efficient and dynamic as possible
Teacher To Do:
  • finish marking
  • get current events presentations up and running!
  • future: prepare for essays materials

Plan for Tuesday?

Monday, December 13
  • Tomorrow last day for corrections on Politics & Government Test and any work from WWI unit last day is Wed.!
  • 1930s - get it and Qs and and etc.
  • This week: Get current events assignment assigned and cover How To Write An Essay response: do it as a review with HR and then do class outline for 30s? Have class build essay outlines in class and write an in-class essay Thursday?

Thursday Dec. 2
  • Finish last 10 minutes of movie
  • Discuss movie (guiding questions)...students hand in response to movie?
  • Finish war facts - Conscription Crisis and terms of Peace Treaties
  • Hand out post-war FATES (prepare these)
  • Wiki Terms and Chapter Qs are due FRIDAY!

Tuesday, Nov. 29- Wed. Dec. 1
  • Watched Passchendaele movie - discussed a wee bit

Friday, Nov. 19
  • Human Rights presentations
  • Collect Posters and Student Responses
  • Present Causes of War and First Battles
  • Homework:
  • QUIZ
  • QUIZ tomorrow
  • Quiz__ on Chapter 9 Government Structure on Wednesday

Homework: Read Chapter 10 in textbook up to page 255 (we had time for this in class).
  • Please complete Qs 1 &4 on page 253 and Qs 1, 2 &4 on page 258.

Friday, October 29th
  • Groups research Canadian political parties in library (internet), make point-form notes on poster paper
  • If they have time, students research current issue/current events related to their party

Thursday, October 28
  • Political spectrum of ideologies
  • Political parties in Canada
  • Who's who in Canadian politics and government?

Wednesday, October 27
  • Finish student presentations (from yesterday) about the structure/parts of the Canadian government
  • Students hand in presentation notes to be posted on wiki
  • Watch video: "House of Commons" (20 minutes) - take notes in Canadian Government Booklet (how it works and key terms)

Tuesday, October 26
  • Student/pairs teach the class about their assigned section of the Canadian government (*marked assignment)
  • As a class, we make a big government structure chart on the board (and take notes our individual Key Terms Booklets)
  • Watch video: "House of Commons" (20 minutes long). Take notes in C.Gov't booklet and add to knowledge about function and related key terms).

  1. List of key terms for Canadian Government Unit (see textbook Chapters 9 and 10)
  2. Key Terms Booklet (no definitions provided) for Canadian Government Unit - students are to fill out definitions from student presentations (and see this wiki for posted student notes) and class lectures, discussions, textbooks, videos, etc.

Monday, October 25

  • Environment essays handed in - these are now OVERDUE after today
  • Up-to-date student mark reports - including missing task lists - given to all students. See me if you have any questions/concerns.
  • Students assigned a section of the Canadian government** to study and are then responsible to teach the class what they have learned, including it's function, it's relation to the whole government, and any related key terms (be ready to teach tomorrow)